Combine RSS Feeds With Source Indicator

I post on several blogs, etc. on different topics. I wanted to be able to display those for you in the sidebar, in-case you’re interested in something else I write about. But I also wanted some kind of indicator what the source was.

My solution was to use Yahoo Pipes which allows you to do funky things with feeds and searches, through a graphical interface. I first ran each of my feeds through this pipe to add a prefix, such as “Sacred Symbolic: ” to each feed. Then I took the resulting feeds and put them into this pipe (which you can clone if you’d like to replicate this) to get my final feed. I’m sure you could combine the features of each pipe to have it all done in one pipe, but I don’t understand Pipes terribly well. Then I just put that into the WordPress RSS widget in the sidebar.

Alternatively for that last step (if you want to keep things simple), you could just take the resulting feeds from the first pipe and put them into a feed combiner such as RSS Mix, then use that resulting feed instead of actually editing a pipe.