Circle, share, and Plus-One (+1) Buttons & Widgets for Google Plus

I previously wrote similar posts on where to find the buttons/widgets on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s the same for Google+

Twitter Badges, Buttons & More

Because I can’t ever seem to find it without several Google searches, here’s where you can get official twitter buttons, badges, etc. to put on your blog or website:

Also, this is a great WordPress plugin for displaying your Twitter followers: .

UPDATE: having problems with the above plugin not saying the number of followers correctly. It’s stuck at 101 on one site, where there’s more like 130.

Show Android Apps on Your WordPress Website/Blog

AppBrain Android App

So I wanted to be able to share what Android Apps I have installed/am using. Since I’ve spent a fair amount of time with my phone, picking apps, customizing, and even hacking it (still new at that part), I wanted an easy way to share what apps I’m running.


1) Sign up for (just use your Google account)
2) Install the AppBrain app on your Android phone (and authorize it with your Google account)
3) Install Android Share plugin on WordPress website:
4) Add widget to sidebar (or page/post with shortcode), including your AppBrain Username & the List to display.

Here’s my apps: