A Tech Guy’s 2014 Summer Wishlist

Tevya's 2014 Summer Wishlist

(in no particular order)

  1. FCC responds to the people it serves, makes Net Neutrality the law.
  2. Asana releases native mobile app, with all features of the webapp + offline sync.
  3. Google buys Sunrise.am. Replaces Calendar with it.
  4. Edward Snowden is welcomed home as a hero, without persecution or legal action.
  5. The leaked new Gmail interface arrives.
  6. The 4th Amendment is enforced. Real surveillance reform is implemented.
  7. ESPN Gameplan comes to the US.
  8. Asana or Evernote adds tight, direct integration with the other service.
  9. Hangouts fully integrates Voice, including contact options when tapping an avatar.
  10. Outlook simplifies, becomes more like Gmail (won’t happen, but I can dream).

It’s kinda like the “Grownup Christmas List” song.