Microsoft Office Activation

I had Office 2007 on 2 computers. 1 had trouble so I wiped it and reinstalled Windows and all. Then I got a new computer. I installed Office on it, but it wouldn’t activate over the internet because it was “installed on too many computers.” I kept putting it off until it stopped functioning (plus I mostly use Google Docs these days). Finally, needing it, I called the number for phone activation in desperation.

The nice thing is the automated system only asks you how many computers you have it on. So as long as your answer is 2 or less, they let you do it. The trick: call using the Gmail call phone system, or another computer based one, so you can type all those numbers using the keypad. It only took about 3-4 minutes total. I thought I’d have to talk to a “rep” explain the situation 5 times, etc. Nope, much easier, just call.