Discovered: Modern Geoglyph Marriage Proposal!

I work for Canyon County, ID as the webmaster for my day job. I was trying to get the precise location of a couple recreational areas the county owns, to put Google Maps on the website. As I was doing so, I stumbled across the modern geoglyph you see here.

I know nothing about their story. I don’t know who “LJ” is or or who hopes to marry her, or him? I’d guess it’s fairly recent, based on how clearly defined it is. But some parts look faded, so perhaps as much as several years? Was it intended to be seen on Google Maps? Or perhaps when LJ was flying over? Did it work? Did LJ accept?

If you know anything about this, I’d love to hear details. Even if you don’t, sharing/spreading this might get it to a person who does. Go: internet!

Fullsize image here