My Google Music Beta invite arrived today!

Not sure how many people are getting these at this point, so maybe it’s not that cool, but I’m pretty stoked to have received a Google Music beta invite.

So far the process has been fairly simple. There was a button in the invite email that took me to the webpage. From there it asked me if I’d like to select various genre’s of music that I like, and it would allow me to play many new songs, etc. for free. I assume this is some kind of sampler/marketing opportunity and they’ll encourage me to buy songs to continue listening to songs I like.

From there it had me download and install the Music Manager software to my computer. That process included telling it where all my music is stored (iTunes in my case) and putting in my Google Account username and password. It also asked if I would like to automatically add new songs to my Google Music library, when I added them to my iTunes library. I selected yes. Then it scanned iTunes to find all my music.

Once that was complete, it took me to the Google Music webplayer (the main player), where I could listen to the few songs uploaded from my library (it’s uploading more as I write this), as well as the free music based on my selection early in the process.

I’d already installed the Android app just to see if it was an improvement on the default Android music player, and it is! I played with it a week ago, and really liked it, just pulling songs I’d already loaded on my phone. Now we’ll see how well it works streaming my music off the new service.