Fix “Item Not Found” regarding folders in Windows 7 (64bit)

I’ve been getting this error that says “Item Not Found” whenever I try to create or rename a folder. It gives a “Try again” button, and clicking that works fine, but its still annoying and another step. After some quick research I found that deleting the following keys from the registry fixed the problem for me.






If you’re not familiar you just type “regedit” in your search bar in the Start menu. Then run the file that comes up as the result. From there it’s like navigating folders. Just find that last folder with the funky letters and numbers and delete each of them. But be careful to only delete those ones, and not mess with anything else. You can really screw up your computer by messing with the registry, and there’s no “undo” in there like most of Windows.

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  1. Ok folks I need some super tech experience to help me on this. I’ve been around the net for many many weeks trying to resolve this issue. I have two (now THREE) folders I cannot delete from my desktop. I’ve tried deleting registry entries, Uninstalling KB980408 from My Microsoft Updates (I didn’t actually have that update listed). I’ve tried deleting the corrupted files via cmd prompt. I’ve tried “unlocker” several times. Nothing will kill these cockroach “empty and unnameable” folders from my desktop. The fact that somehow I’ve acquired a THIRD one indicates I’ve got a pattern of this happening that I don’t at least know how to clean off. the offending files appear as follows when I pull them up under the cmd prompt :
    These were all folders created while using Camtasia in a video screen capture production process. I can’t remove these dead folders from my desktop and it is driving me absolutely CRAZY!!!

    Pleeeeeeseee Help!!

    1. I would try uninstalling Camtasia, then trying to delete them. If that still doesn’t work, you should post on a Windows forum. This blog doesn’t get enough traffic to get you the kind of answers and help you’ll need.

  2. This indeed fixed the problem. Add the step in Tevya’s instructions to restart your computer afterward. At least in my case, the fix didn’t work until I rebooted.

    Tevya’s warning about screwing up your computer should be taken seriously. I recommend that you right click on each of the registry keys he has referenced and export them to your Desktop as “Fix 1” through “Fix 5”. You should have five files all ending in .reg. If something goes wrong, then double click on each of the .reg files to restore the key. You don’t have to take this step, but it gives you a safety net.

    Alternatively, rename the keys by placing an “X” as the first letter in the key name such as “X{123….} and then reboot. If you need to restore the keys, then just delete the “X” in the key name or names and reboot.

    I’m not a big fan of delete and pray method of making fixes to the registery. I always give myself and option to recover.

  3. Sir Tevya

    After all this time – another big thank you for keeping this page up with a solution that actually worked!

    Note: Whether or not it’s in any way related – I started getting ‘Item Not Found’ etc. at around the same as my weekly CCleaner reg check threw up these two problems:

    c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware\Telemetry
    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Installer\Folders

    @BMF – Good tip that with the X – had no idea you could use a delimiter 🙂

  4. Thank you for this tip!
    It was grating my noodle, as it just appeared one day.
    Clearly laid out instructions and simple cleanup.

  5. Hi,
    For me the above did not work. After a long search I found out it is quit simple (in my case) to solve.
    Open a cmd window (run as admin) and type: rd /S :\folder name and hit enter. (rd
    The folder name must be the folder name just 1 step above the problem folder. So if the problem is in folder A who is under folder B you must rd folder B. Jou might move some files/folders that are ind B who are ok.
    See also

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